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Cebbie Koks: Keeping receipts for social media ‘tea’ makes us slaves

Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, popularly referred to as Cebbie Koks, claimed that people’s decisions to keep receipts of all their interactions and transactions in the event stories about them come up is what turns them into social media slaves.

In her Tuesday, March 21, statement, Koks, who is also musician Akothee’s sister, said that people often suffer when they don’t tell their side of the story because they don’t have receipts to back up what they say.

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“From the look of things, some of us suffered because: we didn’t say our side of the story and largely, because we do not even remember to keep receipts.

The so-called tea on social gonna makes one a slave of keeping and documenting everything in case an individual comes up (with) these usual stories about you.

But we must also admit nobody is interested in truths; all we want to hear is what can give us a momentary thrill. ‘Lies’ score on that.

What I know for sure is this, people who don’t like you will believe everything that harms your persona, whether you bring receipts or speak the truth. You will never change their minds. Therefore, do it for your good, maybe. But if you ask me, it is quite absurd. So unfortunate,” said Cebbie Koks.

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Her sentiments came days after socialite Vera Sidika and Instagram influencer Amber Ray engaged in a war of words online over allegations that Amber Ray copied her entire baby gender reveal party that was set to air on the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show and had her baby shower earlier to steal Vera’s thunder.

Amber Ray responded by making allegations that Vera’s entire lifestyle is fake and was being funded by a mutual deceased friend who paid for her housing, maternity stay in the hospital, and even hosting luxurious events.

However, Amber could not prove the allegations because she did not think to keep receipts.

However, Vera Sidika brought out all the receipts to show she paid for her way in life, unlike Amber, who she said only knows how to live a soft life in the pockets of married men.

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Vera posted receipts of how she paid for her hospital stay, amounting to hundreds of thousands, and planned for her gender reveal party, which she claimed a friend of Amber’s came to snoop and told Amber everything.

When Vera’s gender reveal party aired on the reality show, it was the same thing Amber had.

However, Vera claimed her party was held months in advance and only aired last week as per the scheduling of the reality show’s airing dates.

Today, the debate is over whom is the OG luxurious ‘it girl’ influencer between Vera and Amber, and the vote continues to lean in Vera’s favor.

Many of Vera’s fans accused Amber of being wet behind the ears and living a luxurious lifestyle funded by men, unlike Vera, who said she has businesses worth millions and can afford to maintain her lifestyle even if her husband, musician Brown Mauzo, left her.

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