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Cebbie Koks: Why it’s so hard being a woman

By Winnie Mabel January 26th, 2023 3 min read

Cebbie Koks, born Elseba Awuor Kokeyo, the sister to Kenyan singer Akothee, has listed some reasons of why it is considered hard to be a woman, especially in a patriarchal society.

However, at the end of the list, she told her followers that what they did with the information was up to them.

“I can’t marry a woman who has nothing to bring on the table. Also you, to ladies pursuing their career or education, get a man to marry you , you are growing old. Marry single mothers at your own peril. Also you, this one is abortion lord princess. Where is your child? She is a gold digger. She left me for a rich man. Also you, my sister left that bro… brr…. Broke lizard. Tha… that … that church mouse. Got a gentleman. The lord has blessed us,” Cebbie said.

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“Get more children, time is not on your side. Also you, I can’t have a woman who can’t plan herself well. We need to start seeing your grandchildren. Also you, when you spoil your children, you will raise your grandchildren. It is hard being a woman! However!! Dear Woman, Audacity is what keeps a hyena safe in the jungle! What you do with this information is up to you,” she concluded.

Many of her followers agreed with her sentiments as sampled below:

“Dear woman… The Goal is to live life on your own terms and achieving your goals…the rest is Noise,” said Mary Makori.

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“Yes Cebbie, being a woman is such a gamble, this society puts a lot of pressure on women,” commented Janet Kamadi.

“👏👏👏👏……siste…..ishi tu maisha yako!!!! Because wueeeeh!!!!!!” exclaimed Moraa Ogaro.

Cebbie’s sentiments come on the heels of her earlier dissection of an ongoing online conversation where women bought themselves gifts and then publicly credited the men in their lives to make them feel good and prop up their egos; and the women themselves felt like they belonged because they had men by their side.

“Don’t blame it on women when they gift themselves and say, ‘My manz bought this’. Of high self-esteem and self-worth, the society has taught us, a man must be involved. Generally, we top as Charade Princesses just to belong and feel part of the ecosystem. Firstly, we must agree, the deepest crave of every human is to belong, to be accepted and to be acknowledged,” she said.

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“Therefore in a society where a woman’s hard work automatically goes to a man, why not, “oh yeaaa! He bought me this and that and those and dhuus!’ On one hand, it is a plot to make men feel like men. On the other hand, makes women feel more important, loved and adored especially when society wow at it,” she went on.

This conversation was triggered after Kenyan YouTuber Nairofey claimed that she credits her husband with purchasing her expensive gifts to make him look good. She also claimed that her husband tricked her into signing a prenuptial agreement that attached her brand as Nairofey.

On his part, the husband, Yeforian, claimed his wife had been promiscuous, said he was the one who elevated her to a soft life after picking her off the streets and that he used to send her money from abroad to buy the things she has; and this explained why the items were in her name.

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