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Celebrated actress Mama Kayai mourns fallen colleague Gibson Gathu

By Freya Wanjiku December 25th, 2022 1 min read

Celebrated actor Gibson Gathu, famously referred to as Kiongozi wa Mashtaka in the entertainment industry will be remembered as a hardworking and talented man who mentored the youth in the thespian industry.

While sharing her tribute, Gathu’s colleague Mary Kavere aka Mama Kayai says the deceased was keen on service delivery who was perceived to harshly correct people.

“For instance when you came for auditions and Gibson tells you to do something, he would harshly criticize you. They would say he is a harsh person little did they know that he was helping them execute their roles better,” she explained.

Gathu began acting in the prosecutor role in 1980s. His job description in the satire show that was held in a mock court room included cross examining witnesses on the dock. He never attended acting school. His skills were mainly due to his talents.

“He started acting at the same time with the late Mzee Ojwang and automatically owned the prosecutor’s role,” says Mama Kayai.

“At times, he would lead us in executing our roles. He would interject and give his opinions and when we weigh them, it is evident that we are able to execute more.”

The late Gathu has been in and out of hospital for the past two years. His condition worsened when he underwent a kidney transplant in which Kenyans led by former President Uhuru Kenyatta, generously contributed.

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