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Celebrated gospel singer calls pastor’s wife prostitute in bitter exchange

By Mary Wangari November 21st, 2019 2 min read

If you thought you have seen enough of Kenyan gospel artistes’ shenanigans, then you are in for a rude shock following a leaked audio clip of a popular gospel artiste exchanging bitter insults with an alleged pastor’s wife.

In the viral clip on Facebook seen by Nairobi News on November 20, celebrated Kikuyu gospel singer Sammy Irungu, is heard hurling unprintable epithets at a woman alleged to be a pastor’s wife through a phone call concerning a performance fee of Sh15,000.


In the clip, the woman calls the artiste to enquire why he was a no show at an earlier church event which he had been booked to perform, even after receiving payment beforehand.

“I’m calling from the church you were supposed to attend yesterday, but you never showed up. Kindly would you mind telling us why?” the woman begins.

The conversations starts on a polite note. The gospel crooner respectfully informs the lady that he was unable to honour the invite as he had travelled to Dubai and there was a mishap during the booking of the return flight.

However, the relentless woman, who apparently seems hell bent on pinning the singer, goes on to ask him when he would refund the money.

Irungu flatly retorts that he has no money to refund but asks the lady to organize another event so he can compensate for the missed one.

The lady informs him the church has no plans to organize another event soon and that it was an upcoming church hence it badly needs the refund.


The caller has more in store for the musician. She tells him the person who paid the money is a senior person whom the singer was allegedly disrespecting.

That is when all hell breaks loose.

The woman informs the singer she has heard rumours about him conning people and threatens to expose Irungu.

The artiste snaps and in a fit of rage hurls calls the woman a prostitute among other unprintable words.

“Plan another event I come to perform. Even if I have your money don’t talk badly to me. Sh15,000 is petty money. That’s money for snacks. I’m paid even hundreds of thousands. Did you send me any money?” fumes an incensed Irungu.

The clip has left netizens dumbfounded, raising concerns over the fate of Kenya’s gospel industry, which has been mired with series of scandals recently.

A section of people however, are of the opinion that the woman provoked the musician causing him to react that way, arguing they would have done the same if they were in his shoes.