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Celebrities talk about losing everything in new docuseries

A 10-episode docu-series follows celebrities in Kenya who received an unexpected windfall, only to lose it all.

“The story of starting from nothing, only to fall into immense wealth, is a dream shared by mankind. But the fall from grace that comes with it is a nightmare we all fear,” said producer Ahmed Deen famed for the flick “Midlife Crisis”.

“Nilichoma is a collection of these dreams shared by the personalities we grew up with and dreamed of being. These personalities either inherited, won or were awarded sums of money beyond their wildest dreams, but these dreams turned into a nightmare with more spending and when they hit rock bottom, all that was left were hard lessons learned.”

“Nilichoma represents the dreams of Kenyans from all walks of life. The series captures raw emotional moments that allow viewers to reflect and look into their own hearts through the men and women on screen,” says co-producer Isaya Evans.

Featuring 10 different stories, Nlichoma will offer viewers an immersive emotional experience with a mix of personal narratives, interviews, archival photos and videos, and re-enactments that shed light on the rise and fall and ultimately how they became the individuals they are today.

Some of the personalities to watch out for include cricket icon Maurice Odumbe, comedian JB Masandaku, David Ogot, son of renowned author and politician Grace Ogot, former Samburu millionaire Gabriel Lengishili and many more.

Deen and Evans are co-producing the docuseries under Café Luna Films, which has worked on productions including The Real Housewives of Nairobi, The Girl with the Yellow Jumper, Shimoni, Igiza and Ayaanle.

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