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Celebrities who have honored late family members in unique ways

People honor their late relatives in unique ways as a reflection of their personal relationships, cultural traditions, and individual experiences.

These symbolic acts and gestures serve as heartfelt tributes to the memory of loved ones. Here are a few examples of how some celebrities have chosen to honor their late relatives:

On Saturday, July 1, Radio Citizen’s presenter, Steve Jacob Maunda, a.k.a Shatta Bway fulfilled his promise to his wife, Rebecca Kukuton, vowing to shave his signature dreadlocks one by one to commemorate a significant event in his life that he would never forget.

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Addressing the gathering, Shatta Bway revealed the special significance behind his decision.

“You may have heard people shaving their hair and donating it for 3 million shillings to charity… I have 31 locks on my head. I told her that one day, if I encounter a significant event, something worth commemorating, I will cut my locks one by one to ensure I will never forget that event.”

Radio presenter Steve Jacob Maunda a.k.a Shatta Bway, at the burial ceremony of his wife, Rebecca Kukuton at his Mukaa home, Makueni County. PHOTO| COURTESY

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Here are a few personalities who choose to honor their late relatives in distinctive ways:

Mwai Kibaki’s grandchild, Sean Andrew

During the state burial of former President Mwai Kibaki, his grandson Sean Andrew caught the attention of netizens.

After the burial service, the family had a private ceremony at home.

Sean Andrew, a professional fashionista and photographer, took a spade handed over by the military, scooped some soil and dropped it on the casket.

Sean Andrew at the graveside of former president Mwai Kibaki. PHOTO| COURTESY

In a poignant gesture, he removed his ring and threw it into the grave, although the exact significance of this act remains unknown.

Sean’s tribute speech for his granddad read, “Guka is without a doubt the most observant, attentive, and knowledgeable man I have ever met. Compassionate and humble, he represents the man I wish to be.

With a contagious smile and an infectious laugh, a true gentleman, role model, and leader. Words do not carry enough weight to describe the man I knew. Brilliant, loving, wise, and passionate to name a few.

He brought economics to the forefront and inspired a new generation of economists, including myself,” he stated.

Sean further noted that Kibaki inspired the spirit of leadership in the family and even other grandchildren. “Guka taught us, that leadership does not involve domination. That the world is already full of people who have a staunch desire to rule and take charge of other peoples’ lives, but this cannot be a trait of a good leader,” he stated.

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Esther Passaris with her late dad, Elefterious Passaris. PHOTO| COURTESY

MP Esther Passaris

Nairobi Women Representative Esther Passaris chose a unique way to remember her late father, Elefterious Passaris, who passed away in January 2021.

Passaris shared an emotional post on social media, accompanied by a photo of herself in the ocean, seemingly spreading her father’s ashes.

She captioned the post, “Papou, I cannot turn the clock and will never get the answers I seek; as you traverse the high seas, know that I will forever be your baby girl.”

These unique gestures allow individuals to remember and honor their loved ones personally and meaningfully, whether through symbolic acts, fulfilling promises, or letting go.

It can also be an important step in the grieving process.

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