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Celebrities who have made a debut in music industry since 2021

Every year the music industry yields a new crop of artists who come to reshape the music style through the invention of new genres that speaks to the generation of the time.

But in recent days these new artists have been unlikely individuals whose debut in the music world has left Kenyans shocked.

They include popular actors, comedians, vloggers and recently socialites. Below is a list of local celebrities who have now shifted their focus to music.

Diana B

Diana Marua became the talk of town after releasing her first rap song titled ‘Hatutaachana’ last year.

In the song, Diana sings about her successful marriage amidst claims that she would part ways with her husband former gospel singer Bahati. She cites examples of media personalities whose romantic relationships have since failed. Kenyans online had a mouthful to say about the sassy singer some arguing that singing seems not to be her strong point and should rather stick to vlogging. This did not deter her and she has gone ahead to release other songs.

Diana is known to be a successful YouTube sensation, a feat that has seen the star garner more than 500,000 subscribers on her channel.

Catherine Kamau aka Kate actress.

To many of her fans, she is an accomplished actor having starred in numerous local shows including ‘Mother-in-law’, and ‘Sue and Jonie’ among others.

But last year she released her debut song titled ‘Ndoa’ that collaborated with gospel singer Mr Seed. Ndoa is Swahili for marriage and the song talks about getting married and captures the special day between a couple in love.

Speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Kate explained that singing has always been something she had wanted to do but never had the courage before to go for it.

The song, she said, was just the beginning and is looking into releasing more solo productions and collaborations.

Jacky Vike.

Popularly known as Awinja for the role she played in the popular local television series “Papa Shirandula” also joined the music scene in February this year. The song ‘Sio Lazima’ currently has more than one million views on YouTube.

“It is a feel good music and I loved creating it, I had a lot of fun. In the video you see Awinja being her true self. I was being guided by the beat. If you listen keenly you will notice that it has some Isikuti vibe but modernised. I am blown away with the response the song has received,” Awinja said.

“And for those asking whether I have switched from acting to singing all I can say is that I do not know what the future holds. When the character Awinja was created she knew that at some point in her career she was going to do something like this. It is a testament to how versatile her character my as a content creator,” she said.

Comedian Flaqo.

Erastus Otieno, popularly known by his stage names Mama Otis and Flaqo has always claimed that he is an all-round artists and his art is not only limited to comedy but also music. And two weeks ago he gave his fans a taste of this other side of him after releasing the song titled ‘Insincere’.

Amber Ray

It seems being a socialite is not all that she does. A video that is currently doing rounds on social media shows that the mother of one is soon to release her debut song. In a separate video, Amber can be heard saying that there is something she has been working on and that she is ready to take the Kenyan music industry by storm. I am sure we all ca