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Celebrity entanglements: 5 celebrity couples who snatched their pal’s baes

The word ‘entanglement’ gained prominence in 2023, appearing in huge numbers in article headlines and social media trends, when the famous American actress Jada Pinkett described her love affair with the young singer August Alsina as an ‘entanglement’ at a time when she was still married to actor Wills Smith.

Pinkett insisted she hadn’t cheated on her husband during the affair, but the world was divided on the matter.

Memes of a sad-looking Smith as his wife dropped the massive bombshell also went viral. It was clear to many that the ‘I Am Legend’ actor was hurt.

There’s probably nothing that hurts more than being betrayed by a close friend or colleague, but as they say, your replacement is always closer than you think, as Smith found out.

But he is not the first to find himself in such a predicament, as there have been similar cases closer to home involving well-known celebrities.

J Blessing is probably is the best case in point to how small the pool can get for celebrities in dating. His baby-mamas are all women who are highflying personalities in the entertainment industry Mwende (media personality), Shantelle (actress and singer), Laika (singer) and Avril (actress and musician).

But now, it seems even exes of friends are not a no-go zone anymore among notable celebrities as well.

Here are some of them:

Shaq the Yungin with Sean Preezy

Cindy Kipsang Vs Shaq The Yugin and Sean Preezy
There is a joke that goes, “never let your boyfriend stop you from finding your husband.”
Or “When you break up, don’t go looking so far as you already got applicants whose resumes you’ve already perused through.” It would suffice to argue that TikToker Cindy K has definitely been paying attention to these life skills as all her love affairs seem to revolve within her circle.

When she burst into the limelight during the pandemic, her popularity only grew by leaps and bound when she started seeing NRG radio presenter Shaq The Yungin.

For one year, the Gen Z love birds served couple goals. Until a nasty break up.

Shaq accused Cindy of cheating on him with his then best friend and colleague at the station, Sean Preezy.

The TikToker countered with allegations of mistreatment and physical assault on her by Shaq. She would go one to express her satisfaction stating she had found comfort in Sean.

It wasn’t long before Sean too admitted to having started an affair with his best friend’s ex. “It just so happened that my heart fell for the woman my ex-friend used to be with and we move on with life.”

He went on to state that he had since fallen out with Shaq, accusing him of being toxic.

Bensoul defends dating his ex-Noni Gathoni’s BFF, Cindy K. PHOTO| POOL

Bensoul Vs Noni Gathoni and Cindy Kipsang

Afro fusion star Bensoul had been in a longtime relationship with Noni Gathoni. Yes, he of the “Nairobi” hit song where he talked about “brothers eating for him”.

So smitten was Bensoul by ex girl Gathoni, that in an interview in August 2022, he promised to marry her. They had been dating for three years when Bensoul made the confession on a radio interview.

Not long after, news broke out that Bensoul had cheated on Noni and was expecting a child with Tiffany Muikamba.

Even with the cheating scandal, Noni didn’t budge, choosing to forgive her man.

Bensoul, girlfriend Noni Gathoni and baby mama Tifanny Muikamba.
Bensoul, Noni Gathoni and baby mama Tifanny Muikamba. PHOTO| COURTESY

The relationship didn’t work out, however, with the couple splitting last year.

Cindy had been a close friend to Gathoni even as she struggled to come to terms with the news of Bensoul cheating on her. It’s not known if the two are still close friends after Bensoul publicly introduced Cindy as his new girlfriend in April.

“We’ve been going out for a long time. Cindy is my girl and she’s amazing. No matter what anybody says, they don’t know the story. If you want to comment, comment, it’s not going to hurt us. It won’t affect our love,” Bensoul stated.

Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustapha
Kenyan rapper Colonel Mustapha (left) and his ex-girlfriend Noti Flow. PHOTO | COURTESY

Noti Flow Vs CMB Prezzo and Colonel Mustapha
Almost a decade ago, the three rappers were grabbing the showbiz headlines as rappers Prezzo and Mustapha battled to win over the love of Noti Flow who also identifies as queer.

The intense squabble between Prezzo and Mustapha was further heightened when the two were hired to be part of the scandalous, loaded reality-TV show “Nairobi Diaries”. For months, there was confusion as to who Noti Flow was dating.

She would later admit to be in some kind of situationship with both Prezzo and Mustapha.
It’s understood Noti Flow had a fling with Prezzo but would later on settle on a relationship with Mustapha that lasted for two years. However, it was tumultuous affair, and the lovers would find themselves in an on-and-off-again relationship until they finally called it quits.

Love birds: Paula Kajala and Mario. PHOTO| COURTESY

Paula Kajala Vs Rayvanny and Mario

They say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Such has been the case with controversial Tanzanian socialite Paula, who’s seemingly following in the footstep of her actress mother Fridah Kajala.

Fridah has a long history of dating fellow Tanzanian celebrities; her last relationship being with Harmonize. The 41-year-old had her only child, Paula with the legendary Bongo flava music producer P Funk Majani.

Over the last few years Paula has been stealing showbiz headlines in Tanzania with her affairs with celebrities.

Rayvanny Paula
Ex-lovers Rayvanny and Paula Kajala. PHOTO| COURTESY

She was once accused of sabotaging Rayvanny’s marriage to Fayma. The two dated for about two years before breaking up. Rayvanny reunited with Fayma.

Paula then began an affair with another bongo flava singer Marioo. Marioo and Rayvanny are known to be close and even collaborated on the hit song “Te Quiero” released last year. Paula is currently expectant with Marioo’s child.

Josh Wonder and Ajib Gathoni. PHOTO: COURTESY

Josh Wonder Vs Ajib Gathoni and Kendi Q

Popular TikTokers Ajib and Kendi Q, known for ther dance contents, were the best of friends. They gained much more popularity when they began creating dancing content together.

At the time, Ajib was in a romantic relationship with another popular TikToker Josh Wonder.

Josh would later on breakup with Ajib, accusing her of cheating on him with a close friend and a gym trainer. Josh and Ajib at the time had gained a legion of fans on TikTok by documenting and sharing their relationship journey.

When their union came to an end, Josh and Kendi Q got closer and even began creating content together. The two would then elicit a lot of backlash on Kendi Q’s part after they went on a vacation to the coast, with many online comments accusing her of back stabbing.

Kendi Q clapped back stating that she didn’t see a problem being friend’s with Josh even if he fell out with Ajib. However, its is understood the two began an affair after Ajib.

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