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Celebrity fallout? Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby rumoured to be at odds

Tension has been brewing in the entertainment circles rumours of a fallout between Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby’s families.

The speculations intensified after fans noticed a lack of joint appearances and public interactions between the two popular personalities.

Jackie recently celebrated her firstborn daughter’s birthday with heartfelt love and gratitude, reflecting on the journey they had traveled together. Unlike previous years, Milly did not post anything about it.

Hawk-eyed netizens observed that the two families have seemingly distanced themselves from each other after Matubia’s younger daughter’s birthday, which took place in Mombasa.

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Online users were quick to raise questions and express concern over the apparent rift.

“Lakini kwani hawa walienda Mombasa wakakosania huko ama Kulienda aje hata kina Milly hawaja wish Mtoi wa wa Matudia birthday? Also, noticed pia hawakualikwa kwa birthday ya The Kabus,” One fan posted.

Notably, Jackie has been seen spending time with fellow actresses Izareeh and Kate Actress, sparking further curiosity among fans about the dynamic shifts in her social circles.

Friendships in the entertainment industry, like all relationships, are susceptible to conflicts and disagreements.

Various factors can contribute to friends drifting apart, such as misunderstandings, evolving values or interests, envy, betrayal, or unresolved conflicts.

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As speculations continue, the impact of the rumoured fallout between Jackie and Milly’s families is being felt by fans who love their content together.

Some fans have however suggested that the situation may be a strategic move to keep people talking. Others empathized with the possibility of friendships naturally evolving or facing unforeseen hurdles.

“People fall out for different reasons, and it’s ok coz sometimes there is nothing you can do if someone doesn’t want you in their life anymore. It hurts, especially if you still needed the friendship/relationship, but it is what it is,” said Mish Mwangi.

“I noticed that too, even Milly didn’t wish Jackie’s child a happy birthday yesterday,” quipped Jane Aliyebarikiwa.

“This two falling out sioni kama ni ukweli… they’ve come a long way even before fame… naona tu wanafanya hivyo intentionally ndio watu wapate za kuwaongelea,” Essli Mwas commented.

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