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Celestine Ndinda: I was pressured to get baby number two

Celestine Ndinda, the wife of celebrated Kenyan comedian Njugush, has revealed that she has no plans of having any more children.

In a recent interview, the mother of two said she had been under pressure from fans to welcome a second child in 2022.

Njugush and Celestine have two children, Toria, who is now nine months old, and  Tugi who is five years old.

“There was a lot of speculation and questions surrounding baby number two, and that’s what prompted me to create a video addressing the topic. The pressure was intense, and people were curious,” Celestine said.

She humorously expressed her surprise at the expectation of a “jackpot” for baby number two, given the relentless pressure she faced.

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However, she happily shared that her second child, named Turia, had arrived, bringing joy to their family.

When asked about the possibility of a third child, Celestine firmly stated, “No more babies, please hehe, no.”

She expressed her contentment and emphasized the power of making a definitive statement about her decision.

So, how did Celestine come to the conclusion that she was done having kids?

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She revealed that she had recently decluttered her belongings and let go of a baby rocker that she had held onto for five years.

“I finally gave away the rocker just the other day,” she said.

Celestine had purchased the rocker even before the birth of her first child, Tugi, who had never taken a liking to it.

She had held onto it, hoping her second child would use it, but now she has made peace with the fact that she won’t be needing it anymore.

“When I gave away the rocker, tears welled up in my eyes. But that’s how you know I’m done. After five years, I finally gave it away, and that’s how you know Celestine is done. I am done, done,” she explained with a tinge of nostalgia.

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