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Cellulant was the hardest hit at Dusit where six of its employees were killed

One of the companies that was based at 14 Riverside Complex lost six of their senior managers during Tuesday’s terror attack.

Of the 21 people killed during the deadly attack, Cellulant, an online payment provider in the region, suffered the largest number of fatalities by one business entity.

The attack was staged by four heavily armed terrorists and a suicide bomber who blew himself up on arrival.


The management of Cellulant, on Saturday released identities and profiles of its staff who died in the attack hailing the slain victims as ‘Six Brave Men’.

According to the victims’ bios, they include a product developer, an information security expert, a manager, a quality assurance officer, a software engineer, and an implementation engineer.

The six Cellulant employees who were killed in the Dusit terror attack. PHOTO | COURTESY
The six Cellulant employees who were killed in the Dusit terror attack. PHOTO | COURTESY

They were identified as, Dennis Mwaniki, who worked as the Head of Information Security, Jeremiah Mbaria the Head of Cellulant’s hub, John Ndiritu who worked as a Quality Assurance Tester, Wilfred Kareithi worked as the Implementation Engineer and leader of Cellulant’s Global Delivery Team, Kelvin Gitonga an engineer and Ashford Kuria who headed the Product Development Department.


A memorial service of the six is scheduled for Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at Nairobi’s Citam Valley Road at 10.30 am.

Dusit D2 Hotel also lost four of their employees during the incident.

More than 700 hostages were rescued by the end of a multi-agency security operation on Wednesday morning.