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‘Challenge’ of shopping at Imenti House

Imenti house can be located somewhat in the middle of the uptown and downtown Nairobi, in between Tom Mboya Street and Moi Avenue.

It houses a number of exhibition stalls and two restaurants via a number of entrances available.

But long before this building housed this mini-shopping mall, it was home to the Courthouse of the Protectorate in the colonial era.

That was then. Now, shoppers can readily access clothes, perfumes, phones, and meals in this two-storied building.

But shopping therein isn’t that straightforward.

Rather, getting to a specific stall or shop can pose a headache. For instance, it you access the mall via Mondlane Street opposite Beba Beba, you could easily find yourself along the Cabral Street exit without locating the specific shop you needed.

Here are some of the reactions from shoppers who tried to access the building.

@TonyAyieko tweeted “Imenti ni noma, ata ukiambiwa ingia na Equity entrance utajipata to Mondlane Street ukitafuta stall”. The building has hundreds of stalls that even getting the right one might be tougher than completing the Physics electrical wiring exam set. In the middle of the building if you use the main gate entrance on Tom Mboya street as you manage to maneuver your way from the Kasarani-Mwiki matatus touts and hawkers on the pavement one finds a set of spiral staircase, some garbage dumped and parking lot some tenants vehicles.

@alhaggai “One wrong move unajipata kwa parking lot na takataka. Unatumia the scary spiral staircase, unajipata kwa bar!”

@mumbajar “Haha once went to buy something imenti… Nlizunguka mpaka senses zikarudi nkaona I don’t even need it that much!”

@Tim_abner ”Unaingia side ya naivas, a few turns huko ndani unajipata umepanga line ya mat the other side na ni waliwi wamebaki iende”.

@samuel_matara71 “Kuna wakati nilizunguka Imenti House nikitafuta stall nilipewa direction nikajipata Kwa choo,nikaambiwa nilipe 10 Bob”.

Besides Imenti, the Sarit Centre in Westlands and Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka are the other locations where revelers and shoppers struggle to find their way therein.