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Chameleone and ‘gang’ beat fellow artiste senseless at Radio’s overnight vigil

One would be tempted to believe Ugandan artistes have picked valuable lessons from the circumstances leading to Mowzey Radio’s untimely death on Wednesday.

That seems not to apply to famed singer Jose Chameleone though.

The Valu Valu singer, who is never far from controversy is again hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after it emerged his ‘gang’ beat up fellow musician Fik Fameika in a brawl at Mowzey Radio’s home during an overnight vigil for the deceased.

The Sqoop is reporting that Chameleone – real name is Jackson Mayanja – took the law into his hands after his kid brother’s phone mysteriously disappeared during the vigil, and it was believed that a member of Fameika’s entourage might have been the culprit.


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Soon after, Chameleone began ‘grilling’ Fameika on the whereabouts of his ‘friend’ who had taken the gadget.

Fameika’s mistake, it appears, was to feign ignorance and this irritated Chameleone who is said to have downed several beer bottles at the time.

Like a script from a movie, Chameleone gestured to his ‘boys’ who descended on Fameika with punches after throwing him to the ground.

Peace and calm was only restored when the police arrived moments later.

Radio, 33, met his death this week from injuries he sustained from a brawl at a night club in Entebbe. He will be buried on Saturday.