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Chameleone risks arrest over car ownership

Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone has apologised for his recent public altercation with Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) officials, but this hasn’t stopped the government agency from towing away his Landcruiser V8.

The Badilisha hitmaker is suspected to have defaulted on paying a Sh2.5 million tax on the high-end car and further reports now suggests he risks arrest if he fails to show proof of ownership of the vehicle.

“The URA team demanded for papers of my car (which were not with me at the time) and I felt it could have waited, the rest is history. I wish to state, that as a person, in my celebrity capacity and as a leader, I have values I stand for, and I get disappointed every-time I fail on them, just like that time. Therefore, for all of you my people who felt that I fell below your expectations. I’m sorry,” Chameleone explained.

It has been reported that Chameleone received the car, which bears South Sudan registration numbers, as a gift from one of his fans, and the taxman has now given him 48 hours to prove ownership of the fuel guzzler.