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Chameleone: This is the man who killed my bro, AK-47

Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone has circulated a picture of a man suspected to have murdered his younger brother and fellow musician AK47 in a Kampala night club in March this year.

Chameleone shared the image of a man called “Mumbeere” in a blood-soaked t-shit with his 82,000 Instagram followers on Sunday.

He said “photo was taken a few minutes after AK-47 was found half dead in the bathroom and Mumbeere was the bathroom cleaner”.

The photo shared by Ugandan musician Jose Chameleone on Instagram of a man called “Mumbeere” whom he claims is guilty of killing his brother AK-47

The caption accompanying the picture reads: “This guy in the picture is called “mumbeere”. He is wanted on matters concerning the death of our young brother musicians AK-47. Please help share this picture everywhere so you can help police find him. He is believed to have disappeared in Congo and a cash reward awaits anyone who knows where to find him. We call upon everyone, musicians and fans of African music to please share this picture everywhere to help seek justice for our darling AK-47. You never know where your contribution could lead to so please don’t hold back because you could deny AK47 the last only chance for justice. Share, share and thanks in advance.”


Emmanuel Mayanja Hummertone, popularly known as AK-47, a Ugandan dancehall musician and younger brother of Chameleone, died on the night of March 16, 2015 at Nsambya hospital after falling in a washroom.

His manager Robert Nkuke said the deceased was found bleeding in the washroom at around 8 p.m. and rushed to Nsambya Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Ugandan singer Diamond Oscar, who was with AK-47 at Dejavu, a pub in Kansanga, Kampala, said the musician died after falling in the washroom of the pub.

The singer comes from a musical family that comprises of three other prominent brothers namely Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso.