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Chang’aa dealer tells court alcohol was for ‘cleansing’ his wife

A man arrested with five liters of illicit brew (chang’aa) has told an Eldoret court the alcohol was not for business but rather be used for medicinal value to cleanse his wife after giving birth to twins.

Jackson Kiprotich who appeared before Eldoret Senior Principal Magistrate, Richard Odenyo told the court the alcohol in his possession was not for business but was to be used as a traditional medicine to cleanse his wife.

“In our traditional society giving birth to twins was considered a bad omen and for us to eliminate the bad spirit from the new born children a ritual has to be performed and we use chang’aa to conduct the cleansing ceremony,” he told the court.

Mr Kiprotich further told the court that police officers must be educated about such rituals to avoid attracting curses by blocking such significant rituals.

He told the court that police should be educated on the dangers of interfering with serious traditions like cleansing.

“It is unfortunate that police have no regard to such serious cultural practices where alcohol is used for medicinal value. I wish the government would allow us to continue using alcohol as a medicine as it was during ancient days,” he told the court.

The court heard that the accused was arrested at Bunjab village in Moiben Sub County while in illegal possession of five liters of chang’aa.

He denied the charge and the court released him on sh20,000 cash bail or a bond of similar amount.

The case will be heard on September 4.

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