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Chaos as passengers are caught in Kenya Mpya feud with traders – PHOTOS, VIDEO

Business activities on Munyu and Gaberone Roads in city centre grounded was disrupted for hours on Tuesday afternoon after traders and Kenya Mpya staff clashed over parking space.

Passengers were left stranded as the two sides engaged in rowdy verbal exchanges.

The traders want the Nairobi county government to relocate Kenya Mpya termini. They claim the buses have been a nuisance and have taken all the space meant for loading zones.

They said the buses block their businesses and regularly knock the power lines causing power outages which affect their businesses.

They want Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to come to their rescue by kicking Kenya Mpya out of CBD because they have become a health hazard.

In 2017, the Thika-Nairobi bound sacco was suspended by the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) following a series of complaints of indiscipline and speeding by its crew.

The authority had announced the action during a crackdown along Thika Superhighway targeting non-complaint public service vehicles.