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Charlene Ruto recounts her first menses experience

President William Ruto’s daughter Charlene Ruto, has recounted her first menses experience, which she says happened while she was in church.

Speaking at Co-operative University during her pads drive, Charlene said at the time she was still in scchool and they had gone to the chapel.

“When chapel finished we stood up for the closing prayer so that we finish and go back to class, so by chance I looked back at my seat and I realised my period had come without me expecting it. So I quickly sat down again. My friend sitting next to me sat down with me and asked me what was wrong and I told her my period has come. She told me to wait till everyone leaves, she gave me a scarf and I wrapped it around myself. We then went to another friend’s office,” Charlene narrated.

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At the beginning of the month of February Charlene said she has been meeting with different people who are also passionate about menstrual hygiene.

“Towards the end of last year, we met the team from @BeGirlOrg who create sustainable hygiene products like reusable pads, period panties & menstrual cups. Their commitment to enhancing & improving period care is being embraced globally,” Charlene tweeted.

While celebrating her 30th birthday last year, Charlene asked Kenyan youths to slide into her DM, not to thirst on her but to present the first 30 things they would love her to work on this year.

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“For my 30th, I’d wish to get insights from the Kenyan youth. Kindly comment or DM the 30 things we can work together on this year to add value to our country. We will share the top 30 next week,” she wrote.

After her father, President William Ruto, assumed office, Charlene has been engaging Kenyans in various activities.

Last year, she boldly launched her foundation and traversed the country to advocate for climate action and youth empowerment.

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