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Chatter as Meghan Markle misses BFF Priyanka Chopra’s wedding

The internet is livid with Duchess Meghan Markle’s no show at her BFF actress Priyanka Chopra’s wedding over the weekend.

Meghan, who enjoyed a close friendship with Priyanka, had been thought to attend the big day in India but she stayed away.

Priyanka was unable to confirm her BFF’s attendance and even when she failed to show up there was no communication as to whether the Duchess sent her best wishes.

During Meghan and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding, Priyanka was among the few Hollywood Stars who attended the main ceremony and the intimate party with the royal family.

The two share a friendship that spans across years, with social media postings dedicated to each other during their acting days.

Kenya’s Lupita Nyong’o was among the close friends who attended Priyanka’s bridal shower party in October.

As Priyanka shared Instagram videos of her pre-wedding Sangeet dance, fans commented how sad it was that Meghan was not attending.

One wrote, “Sad Meghan missed this.”

Another added, “She’s now a Duchess…no longer an actress.”