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‘Cheap’ Unga brands hit supermarket shelves

Maize flour (Unga) prices have largely remained the same despite an announcement on the contrary by President Ruto.

A spot check by Nairobi News, however, reveals there are two brands of Unga retailing at lower prices.

A spot check done on April 19, 2023, shows the Pembe brand is retailing at Sh210, Sh60 more than the price President Ruto promised Kenyans during an address at a political rally in Machakos county.

Also, Soko brand is retailing at Sh213, Jogoo remains at Sh202, Amaize is going for Sh243, with Dola available for Sh205. The Afya brand meanwhile is retailing at Sh285 while Papo Hapo is selling at Sh210.

The cheaper brands are Umi which is going for Sh159 and the new entrant Ajab at sh166.

Despite the two brands retailing at cheaper prices, there are concerns about their quality.

The cost of Unga has raised emotions amongst Kenyans who are struggling to make ends meet over the high cost of living.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has in recent times led anti-government protests aimed at putting pressure on President William Ruto’s government to lower the cost of living.

Mr Odinga has demanded the cost of Unga be lowered to Sh100 and not Sh150 as President Ruto announced.

“We are saying the cost of living remains high and that is why we are saying that the price of Unga must go down to Sh100 and not Sh150,” said Mr Odinga at a public rally in Kamukunji at the weekend.

President Ruto has insisted he will not subsidize the cost of Unga as his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta did. The Head of State even claimed, but without showing proof, that the subsidies were an avenue for the corrupt to make money.

The government has instead announced it will subsidise fertilizer so as to increase production of maize and other cereals in a bid to lower the cost of living.

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