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Cheeky Kenyans ‘disappointed’ after Sh72m heist cops are nabbed

By Hilary Kimuyu September 7th, 2019 2 min read

The arrest of two police officers with Sh7 million from the recent bank heist that saw Standard Chartered Bank lose Sh72 million has left some Kenyans disappointed.

On Saturday, detectives announced that they had recovered Sh7 million of the Sh72 million that was stolen and arrested two of their own whom they identified as police constable Chris Ayienda Machogu and constable Vincent Owour.

One was arrested in possession of Sh 4million in Kisii and the other upon interrogation, led the detectives to Owuor where Sh3million was recovered from his house in Kendu Bay.

Soon after news of their arrest was circulated, some cheeky Kenyans took to social media, wondering how the two were arrested yet they had stolen the money the new banknotes.

One wondered why, “In this life there are doers then there are thinkers. Doers steal and then forget to think through. Thinkers are here on twitter bragging how they would have done it, but they never can because they can’t get over the details and they are pussies as well.”


Another said, “When you are destined to be poor no matter how hard you try utabaki kuwa maskini tu. Yaani these guys have enjoyed millionaires status for less than 48 hours?”

Another user was also disappointed, “Am sooo disappointed. Ata hawakuchafua weekend! Wrong planning.”

“I told you these guys will be caught within hours. They were too many for such an “operation” and that’s why they made too many mistakes. They were blinded by greed. They didn’t have an escape plan. They threw away the metal boxes in a forest near Kikuyu then took their getaway vehicle to be repainted in the same area. No match for the well trained flying squad officers. Armed robbery is a serious crime, they risk life behind bars in Kamiti,” noted anothe.

Yet another added, “These guys are just clowns, they watched money heist wakafikiri it is that easy to evade law enforcers!”

Mafisi Sacco observed that the suspects will come out of prison smiling saying, “They will be in prison for 3 years and when they are released they will start investing the remaining 67 million the police did not recover. Hawa ni wajanja.”

On Thursday morning, the officers stole Sh72 million from Standard Chartered Bank in Nairobi West.

Saturdays arrest the detectives also recovered two vehicles used in the robbery.