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Cheptoek Boyo: Don’t call me Jalang’o’s baby mama

Whereas media personality Cheptoek Boyo describes her relationship with Lang’ata lawmaker Phelix Odiwuor aka Jalang’o as beautiful, she finds it offensive every time someone, and especially bloggers, refers to her as his baby mama.

“As much as it refers to being a mother of someone’s child, baby mama should not be used as a title. Women who have kids with famous people are so much more than just baby mamas, some are businesswomen and managers. Others hold titles in other professions. You can please refer someone to what she does,” vented Boyo.

Boyo an accomplished entertainment journalist, TV Producer, and actress is the founder of Buzz Central, an entertainment website.

She and Jalang’o were once an item, with their affair culminating in the birth of their first child, 12-year-old daughter Salika. Boyo was 22 then with the MP, then also a media personality, 28.

At the time both were battling to nail their respective spaces in the showbiz world.

Despite parting ways many moons ago, the two celebrities have been co-parenting their daughter with Boyo describing the partnership as beautiful.

“It’s beautiful, everybody plays their part for the betterment of our daughter. We are all committed and I am grateful for that,” she says.

Boyo also describes Jalang’o as a fun dad.

“He is more of a fun dad, you know fathers and their daughters and the bond they share. I’m the strict one. They both love to dance so they are always learning a new dance style.”

Since they split, Jalang’o married Amina Chao while Boyo has tried dating but things haven’t quite worked out.

And in the last two years, she had been practicing celibacy and intends to keep it that way until the right man comes her way.

“Despite the fact that I am celibate, I’m sure I’m not locking out any potential suitors, I mean I still get hit on so I choose to believe the right one will find me. For now, I’m enjoying my singleness. I’m still deciding if I want to settle down.

I look at the marriages of people close to me and 70 percent of them are disastrous. Choosing a partner is not something I take lightly. I would rather be single and happy than in a miserable situation.”

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