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Chicken Inn apologises for selling bad food at city outlet

Fast food restaurant Chicken Inn has apologized after being accused of selling ‘rotten’ food in one of its outlets in the city

The apology was prompted by video posted on Twitter by vlogger Xtian Dela that has since gone viral.

The video captures a female customer complaining about a potato chip that she bought at a Chicken Inn outlet located in Two Rivers shopping mall.

The customer opened up the potato chip to reveal black objects inside, which she claimed were dead worms.

Xtian Dela also shared his own experiences with food bought at the fast food restaurant.

“If you love your life, AVOID Chicken Inn like a PLAGUE!!…They sold me rotten chicken wings on two separate occasions. The Westlands Oil Libya branch, opposite Sankara. To make matters worse, I had bought like 10 boxes, for my friends. This particular case doesn’t shock me,” tweeted Xtian Dela.

This attracted the attention of Kenyans on Twitter who also joined in the conversation.

“This has also happened to me twice at chicken in one in mbagathi way ingine in garden city I got food poisoning and rotten chicken avoid chicken inn guys,” said Kennwes32.

“This is the worst i had to buy medication worth 7gz because of what this food did to my stomach,” wrote al.fy.

“Drive in along Ngong road is the worst, they’ll literally sell you uncooked rotten chicken,” stated call_me_ess.

“Lol chicken inn is the worst thank god some of us upgraded and left. Esp their delivery food is always rotten and there is nothing they do about it. You will complain and it falls to deaf ears,” commented asen_eka.

@richinout remarked; “If you love your a healthy meal. Keep off fast food junk!”

@eliphaskaberia says; “Watu wa Mutura ya Njoro sisi tuko tu poa.”


Chicken Inn Restaurant responded to the claims by apologising to the customer for the ‘compromised portion of chips’ and have started investigation with their suppliers.

“On Thursday 4th of April 2019 it came to our attention that a video had been posted on social media regarding a compromised portion of chips purchased by a customer from one of our branches. We apologize to how disturbing this was to the customer concerned and to our loyal customers at large,” read part of the statement.

“We take matters of food and safety very seriously as these are core to our business. We wish to assure our customers that we are investigating the matter internally with our supplier to get to the root of what happened,”