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Chicken Inn marriage proposal-gone-wrong was ‘staged’

A viral video that showed a man’s marriage proposal to his fiancée in a fast food restaurant has been exposed as stage managed.

The video was recorded at Chicken Inn/Galitos eatery next to Jeevanjee Gardens.

The video, released earlier in the week, showed the unidentified man ask the anxious woman if she will be “my future ex-wife?”


The evidently speechless woman, makes short paces, at some point bending over to whisper something to the man, who is already down on one knee, while holding a ring.

In the end, the unidentified woman walks out leaving the man with egg on face.

It has now emerged that the video was done as a social experiment by Social Experiments Kenya as a way of marketing Galitos/Chicken Inn.

In fact, the two are not even dating as they posted a longer video with the word couple in quotation marks.

The man actually recorded the beginning of the video.

The revelation has caught many blogs and social media users flatfooted as many fell for it.

Some are still skeptical.