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‘Chief atheist’ received a Bible gift and Facebook is ungovernable

A photo of the President of Atheists in Kenya Harrison Mumia receiving a Bible gift has caused uproar on Facebook.

Mr Mumia, who openly stated in a past interview that his atheism was triggered by the many inconsistencies in the Bible, smiled as the photo of him receiving the gift was taken.

NTV’s Larry Madowo on Tuesday shared the photo captioning it, “Caroline Njuguna sent me this picture of her giving a Bible to Harrison Mumia, the President of Atheists in Kenya. What do you think?”

The question triggered mixed reactions from users who accused Mr Mumia of mocking religion while others lauded his open-mindedness.

George Cyril questioned, “Go ahead be irreligious, but don’t impose others towards your belief. Why do you need an organization that stands to say something (religious beliefs in this case) doesn’t exist, and go ahead to be in contention with the believers? Stay in your course.”

Nderitu Gunner Herman commented, “Atheists should n they do also read the Bible but with an open mind not like Christians who believe the Bible is the solution to all their problems. leta yeye kwa trend.”


Mr Mumia has in the past stated that he believes in the use of rational thoughts in decision making rather than adherence to religion.

Richard Musembi commented, “Atheists are funny! They should know that human intellect is very limited when it comes to anything concerning God! But arguing against existence of God is reflecting ones ignorance at highest order! Even themselves are very much aware of their self-decit! substantiate your thinking all atheists tafadhali!”

Tabitha Ezra added, “That was amazing… It’s written in the Bible that those who say there’s no God are foolish… If Mr Harrison is not aware of this fact, maybe the Bible can really help him know the truth. The door of mercy is still wide open and until then, anyone has the opportunity to make it home…”

Mr Mumia started questioning religion when in high school and has been an atheist for a decade now.

He later started the Atheists in Kenya (AIK) which became the first registered society in Africa but their registration was short-lived as Attorney General Githu Muigai issued a directive to suspend the registration following protests by religious groups.