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Chiko Lawi apologises for foul-mouth attack on Damian Marley

Journalist Chiko Lawi has apologised for his expletives-laden attack on reggae musician Damian Marley at Jomo Kenyatta International Aiport (JKIA).

Chiko Lawi posted a video of the shameful episode on his Instagram page, but later pulled it down.

On Tuesday, he claimed the outburst was prompted by Damian Marley’s comment on his mother.

Here is a transcript of Chiko Lawi’s apology during an interview with Capital FM.

“At the plane people wanted selfies, he’s Bob Marley’s son, of course people want to. I’m a big fan. So he was ignoring people and I stepped up.. So I’m like this is Kenya, these are your fans, people you’ve come to perform for.

“A bit of banter and then one of his guys says something like don’t talk to us, I’m gonna bust you. That’s when I lost it. I take my phone out, I was mad and I lost it.”

“Perhaps the words I used were not good, but I was angry, like my mum has nothing to do with this, she’s in Kitengela looking at her cabbage and chicken. She doesn’t know reggae, let alone Damian Marley. Plus I don’t believe in insulting people’s mothers or their children.”

“To be honest I’m sorry, I’m an arrogant man at times, that aside the language, the profanity was excessive. It was wrong of me and I’m sorry for using the language.”

“Now, it’s unjustifiable, but don’t mistake that with me apologising for standing up against someone who is insulting my mother. For that I cannot and will not apologise.”