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Child with heavy Meru accent becomes internet sensation, but who is he? – AUDIO

By Hilary Kimuyu September 14th, 2019 1 min read

An unidentified child has become an instant sensation among internet users after an audio of him speaking in heavy Meru accent went viral and inspired countless songs.

The undated audio clip has been widely shared on social media were a man is asking the child some questions which he boldly answers with the heavy accent. The man, who is also unidentified. also asks the child to repeat some words that come out with the heavy Meru accent.

No one knows who the child is where or when the clip was recorded.

Soon after it was shared on social media, someone remixed the words to a song, which has been played on local televisions and has become a club banger.

In the clip, the child is asked to say the sentence “Big G imekulwa na dogi”. The child says “mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogi.”


The conversation goes on where the child asked their school teacher is and again the child says Mrs Muridi as opposed to Mrs Murithi. He also

On social media, there are countless parodies of his accent but only targeting mbinginjii imekulwa na ndogi.

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