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Children can teach you life lessons, too

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about,” Angela Schwindt said.

Several weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for a children’s talent show, and pointed it out to my daughter, not really expecting anything from her.

A few days later, she asked me to help her rehearse a poem in readiness for the contest, having enlisted her younger brother in a double act. 

I was surprised at their determination. The effort they put into the rehearsals reminded me that persistence ensures that success will find you like a heat-seeking missile.

  Talent show

The turnout at the talent show was amazing. I squirmed under the hot sun and even contemplated going back home.

Not so for my children, who made friends with their fellow competitors and began to play games with each other, each stranger around them being a potential friend in the making. 

Watching them interact easily with others, it occurred to me how easy it is to make friends; don’t beat yourself up with negative thoughts of what they must be thinking about you, just wear a smile, walk up to them, and start a conversation.

 The competition was stiff. I watched as a girl played the violin like a virtuoso and wondered if my kids could hold a candle to such an exotic performance.

My daughter was the epitome of the saying; ‘Don’t be intimidated,’ telling me that her performance was just as excellent, albeit different from her competitors.

Her attitude reminded me that commitment is only commitment because it has no expiry date.

In spite of the fact that we had to sit through dozens of performances before my kids could show case their talent, one thing that I noticed was their endless smiles.

 All the competitors had varying degrees of talent. One thing that stood out though was that each of them was determined to follow their own dream. 

Children really are the happiest beings regardless of their circumstances. They are creative and have a refreshing sense of curiosity, have the courage to always be themselves and question everything.

Many parents tend to focus on the things that could possibly go wrong. Parents were designed to have opinions and try to force them on their children. How many adults fail to do their own thing for fear of public opinion?

My children’s weeks of practice secured them a spot in the next round of the talent search, a potent reminder that fulfilling our dreams is just a little exertion away.