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Children potential Covid-19 transmitters

Children have been identified by the Ministry of Health as potential transmitters of the Covid-19 disease in the country.

Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth on Monday said that parents should ensure that they limit interactions between their children and others to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

This is after a six-month-old baby was among the 25 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours.

“Of importance is this issue of the children because in today’s presser we told you of a child who is just six months old and has tested positive. Most of the children tend to be totally asymptomatic and because children tend to play with other children they are potentially very good transmitters,” Dr Amoth said.

Dr Amoth asked parents to ensure their children take the necessary precautions.

“The message today is to ensure that you limit interactions between your children and others and also ensure that they undertake precaution measures, including hand washing, using sanitisers and of course practising physical and social distancing,” Dr Amoth explained.

The total number of recorded infections in the country now stands at 490.