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Chilling footage shows how DCI Officer was shot dead

Shocking CCTV footage has surfaced, capturing the moments before and after a tragic incident in which a Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officer was shot dead.

Constable David Mayaka, who was attached to the Makadara DCI unit, met an untimely demise on the night of August 8, 2023, at Kayole area, Nairobi.

The incident occurred after a group of three alleged thugs on a motorbike confronted him while he was attending to a punctured tire.

The assailants opened fire, resulting in his tragic demise. He was in the company of his wife, Hellen Kemunto.

Constable Mayaka’s wife was also unfortunate enough to be caught in the crossfire. She sustained a gunshot wound to her thigh as she attempted to flee to safety.

The emerging video footage displays the deceased officer’s vehicle parked at the roadside. In the footage, he is seen opening the right rear door, closes, then turns to the front door and bangs it after retrieving an item from the vehicle. He then moves to the rear of the car.

A motorcyclist carrying a passenger, passes by towards where he came from.

Simultaneously, two pedestrians stroll past where his vehicle faces.

Moments later, another motorbike arrives, heading towards the location where Mayaka came from and parks behind the car.

A confrontation ensues, accompanied by the sound of gunfire. One of the assailants threatens the officer’s wife, shouting, “I will beat you.”

Four gunshots are fired at an interval, terrifying Mayaka’s wife starts screaming. In the midst of the chaos, Hellen pleads for assistance, crying out, “Nisaidieni… Kujeni” (Please help, come).

She discloses that she has also sustained a gunshot wound.

Desperate for aid, she utters, “They had a motorbike and they have disappeared. They were three in number. Please take me to Komarock.”

As the commotion intensifies, a crowd begins to gather, yet two police vehicles pass by without rendering any assistance.

In a plea for compassion, Hellen cries out, “He is a police just like you… We have young children.”

Initial police reports indicate that the incident was originally perceived as a robbery.

The attackers deceitfully offered to aid the couple with their punctured tire, only to reveal their true intentions as criminals.

Nairobi police boss, Mr Adamson Bungei, clarified that the situation escalated when officer Mayaka attempted to access his firearm, which was in the car.

He said the gang escaped without stealing anything, and that their bike number plates were hidden.

“Police who arrived at the scene, found the woman screaming in the car. They were rushed to hospital, but the police succumbed to the gunshot wounds,” Mr Bungei said.

However, the wife is in stable condition as detectives pursue the killers.

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