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Chilling moment police officer was caught brutalizing unarmed man – VIDEO

The National Police Service says it is investigating a horrific video where a police officer was captured brutalizing an unarmed citizen.

In the video first posted on blogger Robert Alai, the police officer is seen stomping his feet on the back, neck and head of the hapless victim, who was lying prostrate on the ground.

“Enda chini (lie down!)” the officer, who is brandishing what looks like a pistol is heard shouting at the man as he repeatedly applies pressure using his police boots on the man’s neck and back while supporting himself by holding onto a vehicle parked nearby.

The unidentified police officer then proceeds to kick the subdued man’s head several times in the clip that lasted 1 minute and 37 seconds.

Throughout the duration of the video, another man who seems to be a fellow police officer and a security guard witness the assault without attempting to stop the brutal officer.


It is not clear what the victim’s offence was, but the officer’s instructions to the suspect indicate he was already under arrest.

NPS has now said it would review the video with a view to taking action against the officer.

“Our attention has been drawn to a video clip circulating in the social media of a Police officer allegedly assaulting an individual. We do not approve of it. We are reviewing the video clip to verify its authenticity and shall take stern action against the officer once proven,” read the NPS Tweet.

Commenting on the video, Mr Alai said: “Unarmed guy caught by a cop on Londiani Road off Likoni Rd, Industrial Area. Seems like the cop didn’t want to shoot him but wanted to cut his oxygen off through a not so clever way. This is brutality and makes it hard for us who support police work.”

Other Kenyans have also reacted furiously to the video.

“Take action on this officer. It’s inhuman, and the officer should have taken him into custody if he had committed a crime,” wrote Eliza Irungu.

“This is what the system has conditioned them to do. If they didn’t have the support of the system they couldn’t have that courage to dehumanise fellow men,” Peter Zena wrote.