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Chinese gambler injured by friends during fight over bet

Two Chinese nationals are facing charges of causing grievous harm to their compatriot after allegedly uprooted his two teeth and gored his eye during a fight over a disputed bet at their home in Kilimani.

The two are Gu Xiong and Jin Ping. They are accused of causing serious injuries on Dong Chen Pang whom they allegedly beat up on May 16 at Kingston apartments along Ngong Road at night.

They reported the matter to police after the fight and Pang was taken to hospital. He was later treated at Coptic Hospital after the eye developed complications.

Xiong and Pang disagreed over a bet and picked a fight before Ping joined in to fight Pang.

Only Xiong appeared before senior principal magistrate Boaz Ombewa of Kibera law courts as Ping sustained injuries in the chest after Pang struck him and was admitted at a city hospital.

Xiong denied the charges.

Pang’s lawyer opposed bail and bond terms for the two suspects. The lawyer claimed that all Chinese nationals in Nairobi are set to return home on June 16 and the two might get out of the court’s jurisdiction.

Ombewa ordered the two suspects to deposit their passports and other travel documents with the court.