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Chinese want ‘racist’ restaurant manager pardoned

Chinese investors have asked the government not to rush to take action against a Nairobi restaurant at the centre of a race storm.

The Kenyan Chinese Overseas Association on Monday warned that such haste would not uncover the real cause of the controversy, which, it claimed, could be commercial interest.

The association’s director, Mr Zeyun Yang, who is also Erdemann Property Company’s managing director, said: “The scandal has been fuelled by people who do not want Kenyans to benefit from roads and affordable housing brought by the co-operation between the two countries.

“These people do not want to see Kenya being developed and they do not want to see Kenyans becoming rich,” he added.

Chinese Chongqing Restaurant’s was closed by the City County government last week because of its policy of barring blacks from entering after 5pm.

Nevertheless, the association acknowledged that the restaurant was wrong.

“This was an improper security measure taken by the management following robberies at the restaurant.”

He, however, said it was wrong to insinuate that all Chinese were racists because of that action.