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How Chinese man lost Sh10k in brazen robbery inside this matatu

Police in Nairobi are looking for a matatu – registration number KBH 876 Y – after a foreigner was robbed Sh10,000 by armed men inside the vehicle.

The incident happened on Saturday at 12:30pm while the foreigner, a Chinese man, was traveling along Mombasa road.

“Just after we had passed Next Gen Mall, we were told to alight as the matatu door was not closing. On alighting I noticed my money was missing and I chased them down the road,” the victim told Nairobi News.

This writer witnessed as the matatu halted near Bellevue stage and the crew told Huang they would drive into Akila Police Station.

A passenger who trailed the matatu using a boda boda noticed that the matatu passed Popo road that leads to the police station.


“I told the boda boda guy to stop infringement of the matatu and to my shock they drew out a gun and pointed it at me. I shouted at them telling them not to date shoot me and lied that police were trailing us. They then ordered the Chinese man out of the matatu and drove away,” Jackdon narrated to Nairobi News.

The two drove back to the spot where the matatu had dropped off passengers and convinced three others to help them file a police report as witnesses.

Langata OCPD Elijah Mwangi told Nairobi News that the vehicles registration number had been circulated and the crew will be arrested to assist police in nabbing the suspects.

Cases of theft in matatus along Mombasa road are not new as on Thursday a female passenger lost her phone to thieves.

“Whenever I board a matatu and see any young men carrying big envelopes and empty bag packs I alight on the next stage as from experience these guys are usually armed with knives and guns so there’s no need to risk your life,” the female passenger said.