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Chinese scientists say drinking Coca Cola, Pepsi can increase size of testicles

By Winnie Mabel February 23rd, 2023 2 min read

Scientists affiliated with the Northwest Minzu University in China set out to find out the effects of carbonated beverages on the levels of androgen and testosterone in mice. The scientists’- Z Gong, Z Yuan, Y, Niu, X Zhang, J Geng and S Wei- objective was to study the influence of these beverages on the testis growth and expression levels of androgen receptor in adult male mice.

According to their experiment published on the American National Library of Medicine, the six scientists created two groups consisting of 30 mice each. One group was given 50% Pepsi-Cola (diluted) and the other given 100% Pepsi-Cola; both for 15 days. Two other experimental groups of 30 mice each were additionally created and one group was given 50% (diluted) Coca-Cola and the other 100% Coca Cola; both for 15 days as well. Another control group of 30 mice was given only water.

The scientists recorded their findings on days 1, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 15 to test for the levels of androgen receptors and proteins in testis tissues in the mice.

They found that the mice given 100% Pepsi-Cola and 100% Coca-Cola had larger testes than those given 50% Pepsi Cola and water. On day 15, the scientists also found that the diameter length of the testis of the mice treated with carbonated drinks was increased compared to the mice in the water-fed control group. These former mice also had higher protein androgen receptor and serum testosterone than the control group mice.

The scientists concluded that a high concentration of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola could increase the size of testis in length and width, could enhance the secretion of testosterone and increase the concentration of epidermal growth factor.

The catch, however, was that none of the mice in the study had mated or were allowed to do so.

Scientists use mice in their research regarding human health because mice share about 80% the same genes with humans. This means that they share the same functions as humans such as the way humans develop from sperm fertilizing an egg, share in how organs develop; and have almost the same internal body systems like humans including blood circulation, digestive, reproductive, nervous and hormonal systems.

This means that scientists can conduct experiments meant for human treatment on mice instead of having humans in the lab.

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