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Chipukeezy accuses ex-employer of character assassination

By Sinda Matiko January 14th, 2024 2 min read

Popular comedian Chipukeezy has launched a scathing attack on his former employer, accusing the media outlet of engaging in character assassination, particularly in handling a 2015 scandal involving him and rapper CMB Prezzo.

Chipukeezy claims that the media house actively encouraged him to adopt a ‘bad boy’ persona for their own advantage.

Recalling the incident where he and Prezzo were embroiled in a controversy over an alleged fight at Skylux Lounge, Chipukeezy asserted that the media outlet, which owns Kiss 100 where he was a radio host at the time, played a significant role in fueling the narrative.

He emphasised that the incident, which he describes as a minor disagreement quickly resolved between him and Prezzo, was blown out of proportion by bloggers for clickbait.

“I was working at Radio Africa when the scandal happened, and stories of the same ran independently on Radio Africa platforms like Mpasho. I was also encouraged to speak about it on radio. What I didn’t know at the time is that Radio Africa was encouraging me to own up to this ‘bad boy’ image character brought forth by the scandal, something that I am not,” alleges Chipukeezy.

In support of his claims, the comedian pointed out other talents who parted ways with the media group under unfavorable circumstances. He mentioned Obinna, who he claimed didn’t stay long, and highlighted the treatment of Shaffie Weru, stating that after molding him into a ‘bad boy’ image, the media outlet abruptly kicked him out without remorse.

Chipukeezy argued that Radio Africa Group creates narratives around its talents to attract advertising revenue from partners, without much regard for the personalities of the individuals involved. He emphasized that the media house pushes talents to conform to a certain direction that may not accurately represent who they are.

“At 33 years of age, when I look back and read things about myself, I just can’t comprehend. The narrative created and the industry controlled me. Now I realize why they would invite me to host a Patata festival in Naivasha and not Sleepy (David), I see why I would be invited to host Barbecue live and not anybody else. I now understand why, for some reason, my mum was always worried about my life as a comedian because it was so chaotic,” added Chipukeezy.

The comedian’s revelations shed light on the complexities and challenges faced by talents in the entertainment industry, where public image and narratives created by media outlets can significantly impact the careers and personal lives of individuals involved.