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Did Chipukeezy lie about his meeting with Kevin Hart?

Comedian Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy has been called out by a Kenyan in Hollywood for lying on national TV how a white woman helped him meet US comedian Kevin Hart.

Christine Wawira, a Hollywood actor, took to Facebook closed groups on Wednesday night to reveal how she helped Chipukeezy meet his idol Hart in early June when the American toured Los Angeles to promote his book tour new book, “I Can’t Make This Up: Life Lessons.”

Ms Wawira, who has featured in several US movies, TV shows and commercials said she had not watched the NTV’s Better Living show during which Chipukeezy made the claims.

Chipukeezy told the show’s host Kobi Kihara that a white woman offered to take her to meet Kevin Hart during a book signing event in Los Angeles explaining how he made an error during booking but was “saved” by his YouTube videos that he used to convince airport staff that he was a comedian travelling to meet Hart.

He went on to explain how on arrival in LA he had no money on him but again used the YouTube videos to secure a free taxi ride to the book signing venue where another stranger bought him the book that was required to access the signing event.


Comedian Chipukeezy meets Hollywood’s Kevin Hart

“First of all vile alimaliza kunibuyia hio book a stranger came ‘are you the guy from Africa?’ so we go inside, Kevin Hart was seeing guys for like two minutes so they would say hi, how are you doing but we spoke for 10 minutes,” Chipukeezy told Kobi.

However, in her narration, Ms Wawira said she is the one who informed Chipukeezy that Hart would be having a book signing event in LA.

“When he got there he told me he had paid like all this money for the taxi. He said it was like 80 dollars or 100 dollars in cash and that was all the cash he had, that he had to go to Western Union to remove more money but we didn’t have time to do that because he had to be in the line by 9am and so he didn’t have money for the book and I didn’t have any more cash on me either and so I asked my friend this girl I asked her ‘can you please buy him a book, he’ll pay you back’ and she was like she doesn’t know him she was kinda hesitant she was like ‘are you sure he’s gonna pay me back?’ and I was like yeah and so my friend ended up buying him the book,” narrated Ms Wawira in her Facebook live video.

The Kenyan actress went on to explain how she had told Chipukeezy that she was not connected enough to secure him any comedy deals as even her she attends major events as a seat filler for when celebrities step out to visit the washroom and such.

Ms Wawira explained that it pained her to see Chipukeezy crediting whites for his Hart meet up yet she helped him out as a fellow Kenyan who is trying to make it in Hollywood.

“We stood in line just like everyone stood in line to meet Kevin. Chipukeezy talked to Kevin just a minute like everyone else and nobody got his contact,” she stated.