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What Chris Msando said on his last TV interview – VIDEO

The death of head of ICT at IEBC Chris Msando has baffled many Kenyans even as police try to piece together his final moments.

His death continues to be a mystery as he went missing since last Friday -his body was found in Kikuyu on Saturday morning but was only identified on Monday morning.

The late Msando made his last media appearance during an interview on NTV morning show, AM Live, last Friday morning and spoke of the preparedness of his employer in handling and delivering a credible election come August 8th.

“It is the constitution of Kenya that gives the IEBC the mandate to declare the winner of the general election. If I talk about results management which is a hot topic, in this election the result management is going to be very transparent, open and accountable,” said Msando.

He also faulted the inability of Kenyans to trust one another hence the numerous conflicts experienced during elections.

“Kenya has an electoral management body body which is funded heavily and it is because of trust issues that is why the body exists. Which again we do not even trust as Kenyans?” he added.

Msando also exuded confidence in the system put in place by the commission on the fall back plans if the primary electronic system fails.

He was also categorical to warn that IEBC has put in place ways of stopping a person from double voting.

“If a person try’s to vote twice the system will send an alarm message saying the person has already voted. In addition it will make a loud sound that will obviously embarrass an individual,” he said.

Watch the clip below: