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Christian Longomba on the mend after second brain surgery

Musician Christian Longomba on Thursday shared a thanksgiving video on his Facebook wall illustrating his recovery from a second brain surgery.

The Longomba brother thanked his fans for the support they offered while he was undergoing a surgery to remove a brain tumor.


Christian was diagonised with a brain tumor in May 2015 after he suffered a seizure.

Though the first surgery in May was successful, doctors recommended for a second operation to remove blood clots in his brain.

He underwent the second surgery last month and has since been going through radiation to completely remove the tumor.

Christian filmed his thanksgiving video after one such radiation session and his recovery was visible as he eloquently thanked all who prayed for him.

“Through your prayers my healing process has been easier and this is a video for me to show you guys that I am still going through radiation,” he said.

Christian Longomba and his brother Lovi Longomba formed the Longombas music group in the late 90s and were popular with their hits among them Vuta Pumz.

They then moved to the US in 2006 where they have been performing in concerts while working to revive their music careers.