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Christina Shusho explains use of Bible verses in her music

Tanzanian gospel icon, Christina Shusho, is in Kenya ahead of a highly anticipated New Year’s concert, where she is set to deliver a powerful performance.

The renowned ‘Ning’are’ hitmaker revealed that she will be teaming up with veteran comedian and radio host Churchill Ndambuki for a memorable gospel showdown on the night of December 31, 2023.

Upon her arrival in the country, Shusho took a moment to share insights into her musical inspiration, emphasizing the influence of various Bible verses on her creative process.

For instance, her song ‘Shusha Nyavu’ draws inspiration directly from the Book of Luke, Chapter 5, verse 4.

“Kila mtu ana njia yake and that is my creativity. I found people reading the Bible when I was born which is why I see as a good method. It is long-lasting, and even the next generation will be taught the same way. It is a good way, and I chose to focus my creativity there to serve my God,” she expressed.

Shusho’s distinctive style, which involves incorporating direct quotes from the Bible into her songs, has sparked a spirited debate among listeners.

Many hail her as a beacon of authenticity and spiritual depth in the gospel music industry.

Twitter user @Comradefyat commended Shusho’s music for its direct biblical inspiration, emphasizing its capacity to inspire, bless, and motivate listeners.

Similarly, @Peteryoungross sees Shusho as a divine vessel, echoing the sentiment that her music is a true reflection of God’s word.

However, Shusho’s approach has not escaped criticism, with some questioning whether using direct quotes from the Bible in songwriting amounts to plagiarism or originality.

@AllanObare4 appreciated Shusho’s adherence to direct biblical verses, expressing a desire for more gospel artists to follow her lead.

Meanwhile, @KijanayaNimmoh highlighted the complexity of Shusho’s method, acknowledging the challenge of delivering the message without altering the purity of the Gospel.

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