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Christina Shusho explains why she got married at the age of 19

Tanzanian gospel artiste Christina Shusho got married at the age of 19.

The “Shusha Nyavu” hitmaker shared about her mother’s concerns due to her striking beauty, which led her to rush into marriage.

She had just completed her form four education.

“I got married at 19 years old, quite young. After completing my form four, my mother saw me, this beautiful girl at home. I was exceptionally beautiful, and my mother was afraid that I might be led astray and bring shame upon the family,” she said in a recent forum in Tanzania.

Shusho mentioned that she was even more beautiful in the past than she is now.

“Now, I’m a bit older, don’t tell me I’m beautiful; I was incredibly beautiful. So, when this man approached my mother expressing interest in me, she simply agreed out of fear. I was indeed very beautiful.”

In yet another interview, Christina Shusho spoke on her decision to remove her wedding ring and separate from her pastor husband, John Shusho.

In the undated interview with New Jerusalem Church TV, the renowned artiste attributed her actions to her strong commitment to her ministry calling.

The “Zakayo” hitmaker revealed that she had a vision that she was determined to fulfil, leading to the amicable dissolution of her marriage.

“I have always been authentic and truthful. The reality is that it’s just a mission. Nothing else has changed. The assignment God gave me at this time required me to leave where I was. I had to leave to fulfil the mission,” she candidly revealed.

Shusho also clarified that she does not have the title of pastor and expressed discomfort at being labelled as such.

“I am a dreamer. There’s a vision I need to see through. I prefer not to be called a pastor. I think I have more to do,” she added.

Commenting on her separation from her husband, Shusho explained that she had sought her husband’s blessing to pursue her calling and assured that they remain on good terms.

She also challenged the notion that God gives both spouses identical callings, emphasising the importance of understanding and supporting each other’s individual paths.

“Weh! Getting married is part of what God brings together, but what He has put in both of you is different. We should not lie to each other,” she explained.

“What is needed is for both of you to come to an agreement and get to know what each of you is gifted in. This is what hurts so many women who try to follow what their husbands are called to do, and you end up forgetting your calling. Let’s be careful that we don’t kill what we are called to do by trying to impress each other. There are those who have the grace to follow a path.”

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