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Christina Shusho sues Tanzanian preacher, promises tell-all interview on collapse of marriage

Tanzanian gospel singer Christina Shusho has moved to court to sue fellow gospel singer and preacher Mbarikiwa Mwakipesile over his public statement regarding her marriage.

Two weeks ago while preaching in a church in Mbeya, Tanzania, Mr Wakipesile called out Ms Shusho over walking out on her marriage, referring to her recent interview where she opened up about the reasons that forced her to part ways with Pastor John Shusho.

“Let me be open, I have never been fake and I don’t lie. The truth is it’s an assignment. There is nothing different other than that. The assignment God has given me this season cannot allow me to stay where I was. I had to leave to go fulfil the assignment,” Ms Shusho commented during an interview with Jerusalem Church TV channel in Tanzania.

Mwakipesile termed Ms Shusho’s explanation as simply an excuse to leave her marriage. The preacher claimed that fame had gotten into the singer’s head, affecting her marriage.

“I once preached here and said the most dangerous thing that can happen to a woman is her finding fame. She claims the reason to ditch her marriage is so she can focus on an ‘assignment’. What kind of assignment?” Mr Mwakipesile told congregants.

With the clip having gone viral, Ms Shusho is now seeking legal redress against Mwakipesile and social media bullies.

“Those who are using my picture or my name to spread misinformation about my marriage and others who are insulting me, the issue is already being dealt with my lawyers and I am hopeful they will face the full force of the law,” Ms Shusho stated.

The singer has also promised to set the record straight on the real reasons regarding why she walked out on her marriage.

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