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Chronology: How Nation journalist was lured to kidnappers’ hands

By JUSTUS OCHIENG September 4th, 2018 2 min read

Blow by blow account of NMG Journalist Barack Oduor’s abduction.

5:00 pm: Sharon calls Barrack that Michael Oyamo, Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s Personal Assistant has been sent by the Governor with his response over the issue of her pregnancy.

5:45 pm: Barack meets Sharon at Rodi Kopany trading center where the meeting was scheduled to take place before Mr Oyamo informs Sharon that the venue has been changed to Rongo town, Migori County about 30 kilometres away.

6:20 pm: Barack and Sharon settles for Graca Hotel in Rongo to wait for Mr Oyamo.

7:20 pm: Mr Oyamo calls Sharon and asks if Barack was present and proposes change of venue one more time.

7:30 pm: Mr Oyamo arrives at Graca Hotel and visits a toilet and returns with a suggestion that they move to a different venue if he is to disclose any meaningful information from the Governor to Barack.

7:35 pm: The trio leave the hotel to the car park where a black car is parked. My Oyamo ushers them in the car with two male occupants, a driver and co-driver. Mr Oyamo, Barack and Sharon taken the back seats.

7:37 pm: The car moves stops about 50 metres from the hotel. It is parked by the roadside where two men with headgears enters as Mr Oyamo alights. They sand witch the two and orders them to switch of their mobile phones and hand them to the driver plus their personal effects and the car speeds away towards Homa Bay town.

8:28 pm: The two men sandwiching Barack and Sharon starts harassing them around Nyangweso grading centre along Homa Bay-Kisumu road, about 70 kilometres away from Rongo town. They inform the duo they were being taken to see Governor Obado.

8:30 pm: One of the guy seated next to Barack on the back-right seat starts to struggle him using his hands forcing him to jump out of the speeding car. He sustains serious bruises on his knees and hands. Barack escapes into the nearby bushes and moves to a homestead around Nyangweso. The vehicles stops about 100 metres away and he sees the two rushing back on foot. He however, manages to escape to the homestead.

8:35 pm: A good Samaritan at the home drives Barack to Adiedo police post in his Probox car where he hands him to the police. Barack is them moved in a police car to Kendu Bay police station where he records his statement vide OB: 41/04/09/2018.

Around 1:00 am: Barack is picked by colleagues from Kisumu bureau (Aggrey Mutambo and Justus Ochieng’) and rushed to Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu.