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No redemption for bishops over name

A decision by Lord’s Gathering Centre, an affiliate of the Redeemed Gospel Church, to rename their parish on Outering Road, Nairobi, has sparked a row among officials.

Bishop Morris Gideon Mwarandu, head of the centre, has renamed Redeemed Gospel Church the Lord’s Gathering Centre’s.

The Rev Kepha Omae, Presiding Bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church, says the action was not only provocative but also meant to “directly mislead the congregation that the original church has either lost the centre or disposed of it.”

Until the changes, the name ‘Redeemed Gospel Church’ was prominently displayed on the signpost, with the ‘Lord’s Gathering Centre’ in small print to differentiate it from other centres under the main church.

Bishop Omae also accuses Pastor Mwarandu of organising for his own ordination to become bishop and remitting tithe by the faithful to the secretariat for 10 years.

“As a pastor of the Redeemed Church, he is the subject of the chain of command and had no authority to arrange for his ordination as a bishop at the Lord’s Gathering Centre (credit sarah),” he said.

But Mwarandu said it was wrong for the head office to dictate to the branch what is to be done.

“If they have any problem, they should raise it with the General Overseer who would in turn call the Senior Pastor of the branch and discuss the same and find an amicable solution.”