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Churchill promises to bring Trevoh Noah to Laugh Festival soon

The third edition of the International Africa Laugh Festival, organized by veteran comedian Churchill and sponsored by NMG, went down at the KICC in Nairobi on Friday with more than 10 acts from across the continent taking to the stage for a night of laughter.

Speaking just before the acts took to stage, Churchill said Laugh Festival was a whole different experience from the immensely popular Churchill Show.

“In Laugh Festival we get to bring top comedians from across Africa to showcase their art here and also interact with us and share experiences. It’s an international platform on a local stage,” Churchill explained.

Churchill went on to explain why it has been difficult to get renowned South African comedian Trevoh Noah to headline the Laugh Festival.

He however promised his fans that he will soon bring home the internationally renowned comedian.

The two have shared a stage before in South Africa.


“About Trevoh Noah, you know all these things require baby steps. We are just on the third edition and we need to keep improving and ensuring we getting this things right. I’m optimistic we will get there at some point and have him grace the festival,” Churchill said.

On the night, Kenya was well represented by their finest comedians including Prof Hamo, The Ribs Crackers, Sleepy David, MC Jessy, MCA Tricky, and France based Pasha, who left the packed auditorium in stitches.

The only disappointing act from home was the UK based Njambi McGrather who was almost booed off the stage before Churchill intervened to save her the embarrassment.


Uganda had three acts. Performing for the first time in Kenya, Agness Nkite, a former actress on the Hostel TV series, that aired on NTV few years ago, wowed the crowd with some witty jokes centered on marriage.

Teacher Mpamire, who is well-known for her parodies of President Yoweri Museveni, was also impressive, although not as much as expected.

Salvador, who has performed in Kenya more times than he can probably remember, also represented his country well, thanks to his natural connection with the Kenyan audience.

From Tanzania, Coy Mzungu did his thing and tickled many ribs, although some of his jokes bordered on an attack on the LBGTQ community.

Rwandan act, Arthur Nkusi, performing for the third time in Kenya, was exceptional.

FBI dancers also took to stage with Baino Band spicing the night with music.