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Churchill Show comedian Njoro is back after battle with depression

By Amina Wako October 21st, 2020 2 min read

Popular Churchill Show comedian George Njoroge alias Njoro is back after taking a long break from social media.

Through a video on his Instagram page, Njoro thanked everyone who stood by him during the period he was battling depression.

“I thank God. it’s a tough journey. We did it fam…thank you so much for your support, love and encouragement wish I could meet all of you tukule mutura,” he wrote.

The comedian urged those suffering from depression to seek help as the ailment was like any other disease and should be treated.

“You guys let me tell you something, depression is real and depression is like any other disease. Whenever you feel like you have depression just seek help because hii nayo kitu ni noma,” he stated in the video.

In July, Njoro opened up about his long battle with depression after ‘losing everything’ and being abandoned by most of his friends in the comedy world.

Njoro, famous for his Churchill Show skits, opened up to his colleague Zainabu Zeddy and revealed he had attempted to take his life on more than one occasion.

The comedian revealed that Zeddy was his first colleague in comedy who had visited him several months after he moved back to his parents’ home in Nakuru.

“I have tried to take my own life three times but by some miracle I failed in all my attempts. It must be God’s plan but truth be told, I am not well at all,” he said then.

A month later he announced he was taking a three-month break as he goes for rehabilitation to overcome his mental health issues.

“Guys, I will be away for some time, for treatment (1-3mnths) coz my “engine”( brain) is not okay. No matter how good a car is, without an engine hakuna gari. I will be offline but I will be coming on Instagram live every Saturday at 8 pm to update you on how I am doing with the treatment,” Njoro wrote.