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Churchill Show producer Victor Ber says Zeddy has ruined his family

Churchill Show creative director Victor Ber has lately come under heavy criticism by upcoming comedians over what they call gatekeeping that has killed many dreams.

Last week, popular comedian Zainabu Zeddy laid bare what happens behind the scenes and described Ber as the ‘depression maker’ thanks to his tough words during auditions.

Zeddy’s accusations come barely a week after the death of Churchill Show comedian Joseph Musyoki Kivindu popularly known as Kasee who was laid to rest last week.

But according to Ber, the two have always been friends and he didn’t understand why she wrote the things she shared on social media.

“Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more for several days and it wasn’t until Wednesday when I agreed to be interviewed, that I picked my phone and texted her and she called me back and we talked for half an hour,” he adds.

Zainab Zeddy.

Ber believes that it was not her talking but someone else. “I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they have been edited.”

During their conversation, he says that he told her that what she had done was not ok, but he believes she had her reasons, which she explained but he cannot disclose.

“I told her that she has lit a fire in my house by involving my wife. That even now I cannot send my young kids out in fear of what people might do to the. When I walk outside people are looking at me funny because they believe what she shared,” he lamented.

Ber is married to comedian Teacher Wanjiku.

Teacher Wanjiku on March 01, 2019. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

On the late Kasee whose body was found lying by the road in Nginduri, Kinoo after he had gone drinking with friends, he says that two were friends and even sometimes visited the same watering hole in Kinoo where he also lives.

“When people say I have killed him yet the autopsy revealed that it was poison, it hurts and that is why I purposely called Zeddy to ask her why she said that. After our talk, she agreed to delete everything she had shared online,” Ber said.

Zeddy, last week shared on social media and accused Ber of having a hand in the demise of Kasee.

“The question is, for how long will you continue to make artists suffer? For how long will artists live with depression? Comedians, please do not comment because you will not be allocated slots. I have already burned the bridges. The day it will dawn on you that God is the provider and giver, you will never beg anyone for such opportunities,” she added.

Churchill Show, Creative Director Victor Ber during the interview at his home on July 11, 2020. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

On why she described him as a heartless person, he insists that he has a way he works with people and if there is no discipline, things might get out of hand.

“When I was not working with the show, sometimes Churchill himself will call me and tell me to come and make sure that people tow the line.”