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Churning cash from milk and yoghurt

Milk has become a top money maker and value-addition has seen billions of shillings trickle throughout the economy.


One model of value addition is operating a milk bar. It does not take much to open one. With reliable source of milk and value addition skills, one is good to go.

“I get my milk from farmers in Kiserian for Sh40 a litre,” says Tabitha Wangari, a milk bar owner in Ngong town.

Identifying a source of milk is important to ensure one gets regular supply, she says.

This way the business never suffers major interruptions. She says having a good relationship with suppliers helps her get quality milk.

At her bar, a cup of milk that is the equivalent of a quarter litre and the same quantity of yoghurt and sour milk go for Sh30.

So one litre draws four cups which gets her a profit of Sh80.

On an ordinary day, she sells ten litres of her products, translating to Sh800. But on good days she gets much above this.

Operating a milk bar does not need much skill though making yoghurt is the hardest bit. However, it takes only a few hours to learn if one is keen enough.

A milk bar does not limit one to selling milk products. There are accompaniments like cakes and bread.

A milk bar owner can choose to make the accompaniments or buy them. However it is easier to buy and resell.

“I cut the bread and cakes into pieces then sell a loaf at Sh70, almost twice the normal price,” she says.

To run the business efficiently, she employs one person.

This business can realise huge profits if run in a high-end building with a lot of traffic.