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Ciku Muiruri ‘busted’ exploiting people’s misfortunes to sell book

By Sylvania Ambani September 14th, 2019 2 min read

Former radio presenter Ciku Muiruri has come under harsh criticism from Kenyans who have accused her of exploiting people’s misfortunes to sell her book.

In the latest post on her Facebook, Ciku shares a short story recollecting on the day she interacted with murdered Dutch businessman Tob Cohen and his widow Sarah Wairimu at their home in Kitisuru.

Muiruri starts off by explaining that he knew Mr Cohen and she was impressed by their hospitality and lovely home.

She mentions how the couple at the time owned dogs that she spent most of the time bonding with. However, what has irked most Kenyan’s is how she markets her book in the post.

“I knew Tob Cohen. I was fortunate enough to visit their home late last year. He and Sarah, have a lovely home, well put together. They both bought a copy of (names her book) I spent a large part of that evening bonding with their dogs. Dogs, very friendly and loveable (at least to me), that if need be, can turn vicious. Dogs protect their master… Where were they?” wrote Ms Muiruri.


This is not the first time she has pulled such a move. Earlier this year, she offered her opinion after former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the murder of her son in an Australian court.

In her rant, Muiruri, once famous for her busted show on radio, claimed that Ms Arunga was not a victim and was the mastermind of the whole story that has left her husband Quincy Timberlake incarcerated in Australia.

The mother of one launched her book in 2018 where she talks about love, telling women to walk away from toxic relationship. People commenting on her latest post slammed her:

“I’m beginning to suspect the book’s content,” said Omondi Obell.

“But this chick has lost it,” wrote kevin Waithaka.

“She’s actually marketing her whacky book!” commented Ouma K’Olum.


“If you sold your book “love is but a dream” to them what do you expect?” asked Mogul King Steamy.

“Who bewitched these slayqueens surely?, we are here mourning a life that has been gruesomely lost and instead of you condemning the act you here talking about the dogs and bonding?, as if that’s the most important thing here. As if that’s not enough you go ahead and start advertising your senseless book at someone’s funeral?, what’s wrong with you?, who knows maybe you’ve never even met them you just stealing the chance to market that crap. I think at times we need to mature up,” said Stanley Stan Kinyua.

“Our female version of “Baba” who knows all the deceased or spoke to them prior to their demise Anyway, bora marketing,” stated Monicah Neemoh.