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Ciku Muiruri celebrates one year of sobriety on her birthday

Media personality Ciku Muiruri has embraced a year of sobriety.

On her birthday, on July 8, 2023, the radio queen reflected on her journey after she permantely quit the bottle.

“Yes, it’s my birthday, and it has been an incredible 12 months! On June 21st last year, I made the decision to stop drinking, not temporarily, but permanently. I have discovered that the only spirit I desire and require is the Holy Spirit. It uplifts me to heights that nothing else can reach.”

Muiruri expressed her heartfelt request to those who wished to commemorate her special day.

Rather than offering drinks as gifts, she encouraged them to consider presenting someone with the transformative Book of Novenas.

By gifting this powerful prayer book, individuals have the opportunity to change someone’s life, just as they themselves have been touched by the amazing power of prayer.

“Our prayers lay the tracks down on which God’s Power can come through,” Muiruri passionately emphasized. “Like a mighty train, His Power charges down at top speed, but it cannot reach us without a railroad. So let us lay down those tracks and build that railway through prayer.”

An increasing number of celebrities have chosen to embrace sobriety by quitting alcohol.

Some of them says they have decided to prioritize their health, personal growth, and overall well-being.

During a recent interview with Nairobi News, comedian Eric Omondi  revealed he has refrained from consuming alcohol for the past seven years, citing the negative effects it had on his physical appearance and performance.

“I don’t drink alcohol now for like seven years. I used to drink a lot, but I became so thin that I could not perform, and I also noticed that I would forget some jokes. I looked very old, so I decided to just quit it,” Eric said.

Ciku made her name for her exciting radio presenting skills during her stints at Nation FM and Classic FM.

At Classic, she was renowned for her busted episode, in which she set out to catch and correct unfaithful lovers.

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